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    Frequently asked questions

    1.How can I book a Haarlem Greeter?

    You send us the completed request form approximately 2 weeks prior to your arrival in Haarlem. When planning a tour on the actual day of arrival please take into account possible delays in your trip. We advise you to keep a margin of half a day between the moment of arrival and the walking tour.

    2. I will stay in Haarlem for a longer period of time.

    Will you be staying longer in Haarlem? Then we suggest you book a Greeter for the second or third day so you can derive more benefit from the advice and knowledge of your Greeter.

    3.How much does it cost?

    The service from Haarlem Greeters is absolutely free. All Greeters are volunteers.

    4.How am I matched with a Haarlem Greeter?

    We always try to find an exact match with your preferred language but cannot guarantee a match in interest. Naturally, we endeavour to find the right Greeter for you!

    5.When and how will I receive information about my Greeter?

    You will receive the information about your Greeter by email, fax or text message.

    6.Are regular tours available as well?

    With Haarlem Greeters every trip you make is unique! Of course, you can follow an existing tour route, with or without a guide.

    For information about outlined routes: www.vvv.nl

    Do you want more information?

    You know where to find us!